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We Empower Chiropractors To Bring Their Extraordinary Services To The World In Volume Though Measurable Advanced Digital Direct Response Marketing Techniques and Channels To Allow For Highly Profitable Marketing, Expanding Chiropractic Practices That Reward Their Owners With Incredible ROI.

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We specialize in Chiropractic Marketing – launching New Patient campaigns that get results! Our goal is to help Chiropractors generate more New Patients and by leveraging our unique digital marketing strategies with proven SEO techniques.

Chiropractors need to stay competitive, online rankings are vital. They need to be visible in search engine results, not buried deep in the Google organic or local pack listings. We help Chiropractors achieve next-level visibility through SEO that gets real results for their practice.

Our custom-designed dashboard allows you to access your website’s performance in real-time, track progress over time, and see data trends. With our analytics and tracking system, results are confirmed. Each client receives a personalized ranking of their website as well as the number of leads it has generated. Our dashboard then takes things a step further by including a section where our clients can indicate whether that lead showed for their scheduled appointment and whether they committed to care. Finally, giving the EXACT RETURN ON INVESTMENT for their campaign.

The advantages to using our Chiropractic SEO services include:

  • Higher Rankings in Google (organic & local)
  • More New Patient website visitors and leads
  • Weekly Analytics
  • Detailed Lead Tracking
  • No Hidden Fees
  • We Handle Everything! Our Chiropractic SEO agency is a full-service company that takes care of everything so you can concentrate on what you do best…Providing Care.

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Direct Response Digital Marketing That Generates Leads, Drives Business In Your Door and Results in MORE INCOME. The End!

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Glenn Perryman

"I can’t speak more highly of Matt Prados and his company and what they provide. I’ve been a client of theirs for about 8 years now, one of their first clients actually. They do a great job on keeping us ranked. We get patients every week."

– Glenn Perryman, Chiropractor

Stuart Weihler

"Before working with Matt we had a website for a year and a half, and I had actually four people go to my website and one came into the office. Then we paid someone for six months who charged me several thousands of dollars to do pay-by-clicks, and I had two more patients come in off of it. When I started working and in just a couple of weeks, people were flooding my office."

– Mark Weiss, Chiropractor

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Stuart Weihler

"We’ve been using Matt for a couple years now. Prior to using Matt, we worked with quite a number of internet marketers. To say the least, none of them really delivered the results that we were expecting. I knew the internet was a nice place to get leads, but nobody was doing it properly and charging, you know, quite a bit of money towards failed efforts. Most of the time it was just us forking out more cash, while they tried to figure out what works in our area. It didn’t work too well. I ran across Matt Prados. I decided to give him a call. After calling, and felt comfortable with what he had to offer and what his company was about. Right away, almost immediately, after they developed the campaign, we started to have lead generation, you know, leads coming in. And then after that, the leads really started to come in. So I just wanted to say that Matt Prados, he’s the real deal."

– Stuart Weihler, Chiropractic Office Owner

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If you are serious about building your business, it’s time to take the next step. We built the most success digital marketing funnels.

If you are serious about building your business, it’s time to take the next step. We built the most success digital marketing funnels.

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